Campaign progress - final

$1000 goal reached by 12:00p.m. on Wednesday, February 9, 2011!
$2000 goal reached on 10:55a.m. on Saturday, March 19, 2011!
$3000 goal reached on 12:30p.m. on Monday, April 18, 2011!

Thank you for giving water and giving life!

Awesome donors:

Robert Hidajat               Lia, Neva & Nina Hidajat          Anders Case        Pam & Glen Sibbel

Geoff & Hope Wood        Indi & Lydia Purnama               Ben Petty             Victor & Peggy Wong

Darren Knapp                Bobo & Kung2 Indonesia            Ria Keinert           Cindy Schwickerath

Ben Tessman                  Ama & Akung Indonesia            Pat Stahr              Joannie Dooley

Kuku CuFung                Kuku Meme & Uncle Radith       Bo Xu                    Dallas J. Moore

Madhavi Gunturu       Elysia & Auntie Angela              John Stein            Timothy Hsu

Lawrence Scott              I Ik Yessi & Uncle Eu Roy           Emmi Miller        Anonymous Donor

Kathyrn Gossett            Jennifer Smalley                         Erik Davis            Kate Washut

Gary Blackwell              Adam & Eka DeLisse                  Alan Feirer           Cynthia Sari

Matthew Ashburn        Ron & Marilyn Hassall              Jordan Lampe     Michael Schmitz

Thomas Hutchins         Mark Skluzacek                           Dan Johnson        Sherry Wood

Megan Garrett               Brandt Snakenberg                    Kelly OBrien        Bill Boswell

Charlotte L Fedders      Grandma & Grandpa Di Iulio   Nick Weltha        Andre Lokasari

Connor Hamers             Megan, Duane & Adam Wolf    Jacob Ryker        Karrie Zeman

The Masli Family          Fred & Jane Vallier                    Bobbi Dollinger   Colleen Hamilton

Anonymous Donor        Njoo Iswanto                                 Dwolla                   Lois Vidimos

Mary Lynch                    Cyndi Volcko                                Bob Rudman        Jacob Schmit

Kate Spiker                      Anonymous Donor                     Frank Oppold       Chris & Kim Iiams

Joyce Knol-Digby          Mark & Margaret Hanson        Zane McBroom     Molly Peebles

Elin & Terry Herrman  Marlys J & James H Potter    Matt P Place         Vincent Russell

Kevin & Cherri Porter   Anthony Bohnenkamp            David Runneals  Bill Kees

Kristi & Jon Shields       Jessica & Matt Loecke               Talissa Sari           Kathy Gourley

Bobby LeBlanc

Special Thanks to:


Silicon Prairie News

 The Sun


10 responses to “Donors

  1. Nathan,
    You are an amazing young man! Thank you for what you are doing in this project. I hope you get a birthday anyway – you deserve one!!

    Is it okay if I promote your project in my email newsletter?
    John Stein

  2. Nathan, You are AMAZING. When I saw your site and story it moved me and just mademy Monday! Thank you for helping so many people. Little acts in this world like this have such a ripple effect that they will bring about much greater things. I know you ae going to have the best 8th birthday!!!

    • Mr. Scott,

      Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday and thanks for the life lesson!!!
      My mom always told me to take care of each other…and to keep the humanity alive. And I am trying to do that.


    • Mr.Snakenberg,

      I am very happy to have you be my principal. I like when you greet me in the morning.


      ps. you are very nice. Thank you for your support for charity: water

  3. Dear Nathan,

    Your video and website are very inspirational. We have put your video on at the address above. It will stay there for at least a couple of weeks if that is o.k. with you. Thank you for being who you are.

    Happy Birthday

  4. Nathan,
    Happy Birthday! You are so kind to raise money for others. You are a great role model for our school and our community. I am happy you are my friend.
    Kate S.

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