What I’d like to do someday …

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been so long since my last update. I have been working hard on my drawings for you. My Mom & Dad will start posting them on the Proof page and sending them to you this weekend. 

Thank you so much for helping me reach my first $1,000 goal and helping me get so close to my current $2,000 goal!

Here is my Doodle4Google drawing. It is inspired by charity: water

Nathan's Doodle4Google EntryClick image to enlarge

What I’d like to do someday is to raise enough money to give everyone in our world clean water. Clean water is very important, but 1,000,000,000 people in our world can’t get it. It will be great if everyone can get clean water. Then everyone is happy, kids can have fun, and people can live.

Starting today, for everyone who donate at least $20 to help me reach my $2,000 goal, my Dad will make a special limited print of this drawing that I will sign for you.

Mrs. Mary Lynch, you will get print #1, thank you 🙂

If you have donated less than $20 before, maybe $8. If you can donate $12 more to make $20 total then you will also get this print.

As soon as I reach my $2,000 goal, my Dad will not make anymore print of this drawing.

If you prefer a different drawing then just let me know in the comment area below and I will send you another drawing 🙂

My charity:water drawingsClick image to enlarge

Thank you again for all your help!

Nathan Hidajat


One response to “What I’d like to do someday …

  1. Nathan, I love your picture and am excited that you are raising money for water for Children. I live in Ankeny and we are doing a Walk for Water at Ankeny High school on May 28th for the village of Miembani Africa. We are working with Save the Rain. They collect rain water and store it. It looks like your program builds wells. 🙂 I will read about your water charity program. You are a tremendous artist and very kind young boy. Congratulations

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